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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Not long after the shooting stopped in Paris last week, a young pianist somehow managed to shlep a piano on his bicycle to the street in front of the Bataclan theatre.  He immediately sat down to play a rendition of John Lennon's Imagine without the accompanying lyrics.  And truth be told, without the lyrics it was a moving experience even for those of us who are familiar with Imagine's socialist utopian psychobabble rant.

Query:  If the International Left can imagine nonsense that makes the Tooth Fairy believable by comparison, why can't we imagine what should actually be reality even if it's not currently answering present at roll call?

And what just might that be?

This morning I received an email which reads as follows:

This past Friday afternoon, Rabbi Yaakov Litman, 44,  and his son Netanel, 18  HY"D, were murdered by Palestinian terrorists who opened fire on their vehicle as they were traveling near Otniel, south of Hevron .

They were on the way to a pre-wedding celebration for one of Litman's daughters, Sarah Techiya.  At their funeral on Har Hamenuchot this past Saturday night, Sarah Techiya cried out:  “Abba,  where have you gone? Who will give me away? I wanted you to be at my wedding!!".

Sarah Techiya and her chatan, Ariel, just announced from her shiva in Kiryat Arba that their wedding will take place, with Hashem's help, on Thursday, Nov. 26. They are inviting all Klal Yisrael to attend their wedding at Binyanei Ha"uma (concert hall in Jerusalem) on that date.  
Here is their invitation:

"Don't make our enemies happy. We fell, we got up, with G-d's help, our wedding will take place next Thursday, 26 November, 14 Kislev, at Binyanei Hauma in Jerusalem.  Am Yisrael is invited to get up from the dust and rejoice with us....
Sarah Techiya and Ariel"

In EmunahSpeak: Nu?, we said:

In the way we deal with others Hashem deals with us.  When we ask Hashem to send us Moshiach when we don’t deserve it are we not asking for the ultimate chesed that He could do for us?  And isn’t the ultimate chesed on our part a chesed shel emes?

And yet, when a family of Torah Jews is slaughtered in their beds or eight Yeshiva bochurim are gunned down in their Yeshiva we seem to be incapable of stepping outside of our label saturated existence long enough to attend the funeral.  It matters not a whit how many people show up because it’s not a numbers game.

It’s all about the mosaic of Torah Jewry.

In Shomayim, three hundred of EVERYBODY at a levayah will trump thirty thousand of only a certain SOMEBODY every time. 

If one looks at the pictures of the levaya of Rabbi Yaakov and Netanel Littman HY"D, one sees (as can be expected) only the usual suspects.

Okay, so we blew another opportunity to morph all the TALK about achdus into the WALK, but this time those Jews who set the compass of their life by the dictates of the Torah won't have to wait around for the next tragedy r"l to get it right.
They can show up at the Chasana!

And what might that accomplish?

Just imagine.