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Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Moral Free Fall

Even occasional readers of EmunahSpeak are cognizant of the fact that it is not a forum for current events.  As the tag line to our masthead proclaims, we are about emunah, tefillah, a little mussar, and a shmeck of geula.  But when an event conspires to threaten all of the above it becomes a relevant topic and grist for an iconoclast's jaundiced eye.
There seems to have been a collective great discovery about a week and half ago that America as we knew it has magically morphed into America as we now know it.  And our current knowledge (as in, now know it) reflects the total moral bankruptcy and degeneration of the ruling class, the fools that voted them into power, and the two generations that have come of age since the 1960s that were educated to believe that perversion is the cherry on the cake of human development.
So where's everyone been anyway?
Why the shock and disbelief?
The immoral diktat that the Supreme Court of the United States handed down in lieu of anything that remotely resembled legal reasoning wasn't a shot across the bow of decency and the rule of law.
We've been this way before.
The legislatures of eleven states, including New York which is home to the largest community of Torah Jews outside of Eretz Yisroel, have already debased  their legitimacy as representatives of the People by enacting statutes legalizing the same criminal activity.  
And what of the Rainbow Coalition that was all the rage in New York about a quarter of a century ago?  What was their agenda?
Color coordination?!
Long before the distinctions between right and wrong were airbrushed out of human memory, language was turned inside out to obfuscate the essence of what was being shoved into our eyeballs. And the road leading from that intended obfuscation to the recent Supreme Court decision is a very short one.
To whit is the word homophobic.  It takes a perfectly balanced and normal individual, and endows him with some kind of neurosis for having the temerity to abhor homosexual behavior.  Being so afflicted, he is given a place next to the racist in the Left's pantheon of evil.
The word gay is even a more successful attempt to cloud and confuse.  Gay implies laughing, back slapping. song, joviality, a pleasant disposition, optimism, and a friendly smile.
The word homosexual conveys the truth.
And what exactly is the truth concerning these people who would stand the entire country on its head for the right to flaunt their wickedness in the face of those yet uncorrupted?  When we strip away the phony terminology, the anti-discrimination statutes, the craven Leftist writers whose every breath reeks of political correctness, and two generations of anti-societal brainwashing we are left with filth.
Their behavior is anti-social and is selfish in the extreme.   And they leave over nothing for the next generation except for the Aids virus which is passed on to a fellow deviate and the bills that society is, that in many cases, forced to pick up for their care.
And not incidentally, their behavior has been universally proscribed since the sixth day of Creation.
So we repeat:  Why the shock and disbelief?
For anyone who has been paying attention to the terminal elasticity of the moral fiber of the country these past fifty years or so should understand that Supreme Court's rendition of Hilchos S'dom is actually the makka b'patish (the final stroke).  It's the death knell of what probably was the grandest attempt at self government in the history of civilization.  If the pain seems to be somewhat more acute at this point in the nation's moral devolution it's only because the knife that was shoved into decency several decades ago was pushed in a little deeper.  But as painful as it may be it remains an old wound.
So where do we go up from here?
More than twenty-five years ago, Judge Robert Bork who is one of the greatest legal minds of our time, wrote in his book, Sodom and Gomorrah, that the subject of the Supreme Court's recent disgrace was the last red line and that when we crossed it we would go into a moral free fall.
So where do we go from here?
We've already reached bottom so it's the only direction left.